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Journey Straight White

A statement piece for a special event. A real showstopper with an attitude, handmade white porcelain pieces by slip casting porcelain technique. Looks stunning with dark clothes. Exhibited in Madrid, Spain, London, and in the Growth & Evolution International Jewellery Exhibition during Beijing Design Week in Beijing, China.JourneyThe universe is evolving, stars are evolving, planets are forming, Earthis changing, continents are moving, mountains are sinking, humans aregrowing, communities are forming. Does a person know what the next move ofa fellow human 8000 miles away will be? Does a gecko know what a butterflyjust outside its eyesight is up to? Of course not. Yet we are allconnected, interdependent and share a unique ever-changing communalexperience. Raw materials, self-expression, and the creative processexisted thousands of years ago, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and thousandsof years into the future. Jewelry is not a set of trends and not anevolving discipline or subject matter. It is the natural culmination ofraw materials, self-expression, and the creative process inevitablydispersed in both space and time uplifting the human experience. Whateverhappens next and after that will merely be the next unavoidable step in ourJourney.

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porcelain, 925 sterling silver, string
40 x 15 cm
340 g
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